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Post Card of Mohonk Garden


Mohonk garden blooming in Spring

Anniversary Celebration Weekends

Since Mohonk’s inception, the Smiley family—owners and operators—have lead guests on guided hikes, tours, special events, and more. As we celebrate our 150th year, we invite you to join the current generation of the Smiley family as they lead the weekend activities on select weekends throughout the year. As our guest, you become a part of our family history, and we hope Mohonk Mountain House will always remain a part of yours.

Mohonk and the Smileys Book

Mohonk and the Smileys (2019 Edition)

Written and edited by Larry E. Burgess, the newest edition of Mohonk and the Smileys (formerly titled Mohonk: It’s People and Spirit) details the rich history of the land, the Mountain House, and the Smiley family.

Couple on bridge from 1931

Daily House History Tours

Join a Mountain House staff member or member of the Smiley family for a daily House History Tour. Learn tidbits of Smiley family history and take a step back in time as you enjoy an intimate look at some of Mohonk’s most celebrated spaces.

Mohonk Mountain Crunch Janes Ice Cream

ALL NEW: Mohonk Mountain Crunch Ice Cream!

We are proud to partner with Jane’s Ice Cream, a Hudson Valley-based, family-run creamery to create a signature ice cream flavor for our 150th anniversary. Made from only the finest natural ingredients, Mohonk Mountain Crunch features a rich vanilla base, chocolate-covered pretzels, dark chocolate fudge, and a salted caramel swirl. Make sure to pick up a cone in the Main Dining Room or in our Gift Shop!

Postcard of Mohonk in 1899

Time Capsule Project

We invite you to write your own Mohonk memories to be preserved in our time capsule which will be opened in 2119! Overnight guests are provided an opportunity to contribute in their guests rooms.

4th of July Fireworks

4th of July Spectacular

The 4th of July celebration has been a long-standing tradition at Mohonk. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, the Illumination of the Mountain fireworks display is expected to be the most dazzling event yet! This is an event you don’t want to miss.

Breakfast cookout, c. 1950

Pancake Breakfast at Garden Overlook

Join us for a “throwback” activity of outdoor pancake breakfasts at Garden Overlook.

Daniel Smiley Sunshine Horse

Sunshine the Horse Plush Toy

Beginning in April 2019, all returning guests will be welcomed back with a plush toy of Daniel Smiley’s beloved horse, Sunshine!

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