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Skytop Tower - Mohonk Hiking Trails - Hudson Valley Getaway

Mohonk Mountain House Media Resources

Welcome to the Mohonk Mountain House media page. If you are interested in covering Mohonk Mountain House or would like to visit on assignment, we would be happy to help you organize your trip.

Please contact [email protected] for all press& media inquiries.



“If Elsa from Frozen needed a new place to roost for the winter, she’d probably pick Mohonk Mountain House — that’s how grand and gorgeous this lakeside resort truly is.”

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“The seven story historic home has 600 rocking chairs, so you can ease into your day by looking at the tranquil lake slowly filling with kayaks.”


“There’s no better place to begin a practice of being truly ‘present’ than the magnificent natural setting of Mohonk Mountain House.”


“We’d fantasized about visiting this Victorian castle resort for quite some time, and now that we have, we can say that it is as amazing as we’d imagined. It’s less of a hotel and more of an experience.”


“At Mohonk Mountain, you can choose from a variety of ‘Spa-Cations’ — or just spend your days hiking, meditating and downward dog-ing in the serene mountain scenery.”


“A Victorian castle and a luxury spa, all in one? Yep, it’s real at this award-winning retreat nestled near the Catskills in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.”

Mohonk Mountain House

Plan a Day Visit

Whether you seek to explore 85 miles of hiking trails, stroll around our lake and gardens, or relax at our award-winning spa, there is plenty to do during a day visit to Mohonk Mountain House.

Located only 90 miles from New York City, Mohonk Mountain House offers a convenient escape from the city.

Plan your day visit to our Mountaintop today!

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