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Mohonk’s all new Seasonal Wellbeing Collection focuses on bringing a holistic approach to staying healthy throughout each season. This collection was created with the intention of helping you become more attuned to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature, bringing awareness to your body’s changing needs throughout the year. The combination of spa therapies, fitness, and mindfulness works together to uplift body, mind, and spirit, and offer everyday strategies to maintain your wellbeing long after leaving our mountaintop.


Winter can be a challenging time of year for your body’s immunity. Our Winter Collection is specifically designed to help boost the immune system when you need it the most. Choose from our menu of spa therapies, fitness classes, and mindfulness sessions to maintain your body’s resilience during the coldest months of the year.


Our wellness team has formulated specialized spa therapies using a combination of ancient practices and modern technologies to help you build the protection you need to support wellbeing in the winter months.

Call (877) 877-2664 to schedule your session today.

Spa Stone Massage

Winter Warmth Herbal Wrap
$240 – 60 minutes
This head-to-toe treatment is designed to release impurities and soothe tense and aching muscles using the beneficial properties of lemon, balsam fir, tea tree, and eucalyptus in a warming body polish. It is coupled with a relaxing scalp massage to ease sinus congestion and further enhanced with the invigorating benefits of a gemstone facial using a hydrogel facial mask with amethyst powder. It is everything your body needs to help accelerate the natural process to protect and heal itself.

Winter Wellness Massage
$240 – 60 minutes
Balance, restore, and revive with this immune boosting, therapeutic Swedish warm basalt stone massage combined with a sinus-relieving eucalyptus inhalation therapy, and a hydrating foot treatment. Warm and relax achy muscles with essential oils of lemon, balsam fir, tea tree, and eucalyptus.


Join our expert instructors for a fitness session that caters to your level and ability, or immerse yourself in nature on a guided (or self-guided) hike to focus on the breath while you boost your immunity.

winter snowshoe

Immunity Boosting Qi Gong
Rest and recovery are often overlooked in enhancing your immune system. Learn to restore the natural flow of energy in your body with this ancient form of Chinese meditative exercise. By integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, and focused intent, your body and mind can rebalance and recover thus, strengthening your immunity.

Hike the Trails
Join one of our daily guided hikes or hit the trails on your own to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. By absorbing winter sunlight and breathing in the fresh mountain air, you will give your body a boost of natural vitamin D, boost your body’s immune response, and improve your overall mood.

Looking for an added boost? Take our Mindful Hike along Eagle Cliff Road, where QR codes placed along the path’s summerhouses offer mini-meditations to keep you attuned to how you and your body are feeling.


Mindfulness is an important part of the wellness process. Research has shown that being fully present in an intentional, non-judgmental way, while using the breath as the object of meditation enhances immune defenses by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and bolstering overall wellbeing.

Please call (877) 877-2664 to schedule your session today.

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Mini-Meditation for Winter Wellbeing
The opportunity to support your winter health through mindfulness surrounds you at Mohonk. By incorporating a mini-meditation into your daily life, you will learn to support your immune system in real time throughout the day. Stop by the Spa or Fitness Desk for your mini-meditation QR code that offers a practice to take home with you this winter.

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology: A Self Care Sampler
$165 – for one | $235 – for two
This 50-minute private session with Nina Smiley, Ph.D., our Director of Mindfulness Programming, will teach you how to enhance a mind-body connection to strengthen your immune system and build internal resilience. Discover how to integrate essential techniques into your everyday life that can help reduce stress, cultivate equilibrium, and support a positive mindset.

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