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Fall Favorite Spa Treatment

Fall is a magical time here on the mountain top. It’s a season that truly engages all senses with gorgeous fall foliage, crisp cool air, delicious comfort food and warm crackling fires.

It’s also a time when there is a noticeable shift in our skin and body care needs. Seasonal factors can cause skin to become extremely dry, chapped and itchy. To combat these cold weather conditions our fall favorite treatment is the Fall Seasonal Herbal Body Wrap.

This treatment has it all from head-to-toe exfoliation, a mini facial, scalp massage and an application of rich body butter before getting warm and cozy as you are wrapped in steaming aromatic towels and heating pads. It is a truly relaxing and re-hydrating experience as you prepare for the cold months ahead.

Our Insider's Guide to a Balanced Fall Spa Day


Before or after your spa therapy take in the crisp mountain air and vivid pallet of fall foliage on our 85-miles of hiking trails. A Spa favorite is our Mindful Hike along Eagle Cliff which combines dramatic views of Mohonk Lake and Skytop. Feel free to scan the QR codes along the way to gain a deeper appreciation of your surroundings guided with mindful intentions by Nina Smiley, Ph.d.


As the cool air flows over the mountain top warm-up our outdoor Mineral Pool as you enjoy the pristine forest and tranquil sounds of nature.


After you depart the Spa enjoy the Mountain House as you cozy up to a roaring fireplace in the Lakeview Lounge with a handcrafted cocktail then top the night off with an amazing farm to table meal in our historic dining room.

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Mindful Wellness

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Finding Balance with Brenda Marafiotti, Mohonk Mountain House Yoga teacher and Meditation Guide

We come to our Yoga mats with the intention of aligning our bodies within all planes of motion. Each one of us has imbalances in our bodies. One side of our body is stronger & more flexible, resulting in that side having better balance.

With this particular sequence, the key is to hold each pose with the leading leg for 5 to 10 seconds before transitioning to the other side. You will notice all the stabilizing muscles engaged as you find the stillness in each pose. I recommend practicing this sequence twice for each side, 3 times a week. Your balance will noticeably improve & an added benefit will be added strength in your legs! Most of all—HAVE FUN!  If you fall out of a pose, laugh & try again. See you on the mat! — Brenda

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On trend: Bakuchiol

A staple of traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for many years, Bakuchiol is an extract from the seeds of the Babchi plant. This ingredient stimulates collagen and is used as a retinol alternative.

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