147 Years of History Mohonk remains the same, only better.

Historic New York State Resort

Family-owned and Operated Since 1869

Founded by Albert Smiley in 1869, Mohonk Mountain House is a National Historic Landmark that must be seen to be believed. 147 years later the Victorian castle resort still rests on a pristine mountain lake surrounded by thousands of acres of unspoiled natural beauty, and remains a treasured getaway for generations of travelers. With the original purchase of 280 acres and a small inn, Mohonk Mountain House begins its story.

Over the years, the ten-room inn and tavern evolved into the grand House it is today, with gracious accommodations for 600 guests. Today, the sight of this historic New York State resort—which stretches nearly an eighth of a mile along sweeping lawns and vivid, award-winning gardens—never fails to thrill. This legendary castle has hosted more than a century’s worth of distinguished guests, including naturalists, theologians, and business leaders, as well as award-winning actors, artists, authors, and musicians.

Five Presidents of the United States have stayed on our mountaintop—Chester A. Arthur, Rutherford B. Hayes, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Jefferson Clinton.

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Founder Albert Smiley was much more than simply a hotel proprietor. His Quaker beliefs led him to a dedication to the cause of peace. In 1895, he convened the first of many annual conferences on International Arbitration, held at Mohonk Mountain House. The purpose of these meetings was to provide a forum for national and international leaders to meet and discuss world problems in an effort to find alternatives to war. The conferences continued through 1916, and included notable attendees such as President William Howard Taft, William Jennings Bryan, and Secretaries of State of successive administrations. These conferences highlighted a concern for peaceful conflict resolution that has been credited with giving impetus to the Hague Conference movement. The United Nations of today can trace its roots back to the Hague Conferences.

The Smileys have owned and operated Mohonk Mountain House since Albert Smiley’s original purchase in 1869. Throughout the years, members of the Smiley family have found notable ways to contribute to the goals of Mohonk Mountain House. Daniel Smiley (1907-1989) established a natural science research center on the property; Keith Smiley (1910-2001) convened Mohonk Consultations to confer on issues related to the environment; Ruth Smiley (1910-2004) was tireless in her efforts to interpret nature for guests. Albert K. Smiley, president of Mohonk Mountain House since 1990, is the great-grand-nephew of Mohonk’s founder.

Mohonk Mountain House continues the tradition of promoting conversation and environmental awareness with Mohonk Consultations, a not-for-profit group, supporting the appreciation of all relationships of life on earth, connecting people and the planet through public awards, forums, conferences and other public meetings.

Mohonk’s Barn Museum, located a minute's walk from the Mountain House, offers a fascinating view of life on the mountaintop from the earliest days of the resort. With antiques and artifacts, the Barn Museum presents the history of a fascinating enterprise.

Immerse yourself in the history of Mohonk Mountain House.

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Our Historic Resort

Mohonk Mountain House is a proud member of Historic Hotels of America.

Historic Hotels of America is the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation® for recognizing and celebrating the finest Historic Hotels. Historic Hotels of America was founded in 1989 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation with 32 charter members.

Today, Historic Hotels of America has more than 260 historic hotels. These historic hotels have all faithfully maintained their authenticity, sense of place, and architectural integrity in the United States of America, including 44 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Historic Hotels of America is comprised of mostly independently owned and operated historic hotels. More than 30 of the world’s finest hospitality brands, chains, and collections are represented in Historic Hotels of America. To be nominated and selected for membership into this prestigious program, a hotel must be at least 50 years old; has been designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark or listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places; and recognized as having historic significance.

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