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Mohonk Stories

Watch videos of Smiley family members, Mountain House staff, and longtime guests as they share their thoughts and personal Mohonk stories.

The Accidental Hotelier

Peter Bidowski

Family Stewardship

Bert & Nina Smiley

A Rustic Tradition

Terry Myers & Cody Claussen

Home Away From Home

Adam & Barbara Rowen

For the Love of the Trails

Alex Sherwood

A Musical Legacy

Maria Guralnik

The Horse-Drawn Era

Jim Clark

A Metamorphosis of Mohonk

Jackie Appeldorn & Jon Levin

From Generation to Generation

Tom & Pril Smiley

Our Lake in the Sky

Michael Ridolfo

The Mohonk Family

Joe Serrecchio

Our Quaker Roots

Sandra Smiley

Making Forever Memories

Charlotte, Skylar & Layla

Continuing a Legacy

Eric & Robyn Gullickson

The Evolution of Wellness

Diane West

Our Farm-to-Table Tradition

Jim Palmeri & Steve Anson

A Place to Gather

The Pinkerton Family

The Ultimate Meeting Place

Donna Browne & Nicole Swanander

Open Heart, Open Mind

Haig Sarajian

Timeless Entertainment

Shawn Rice

The Embodiment of Hospitality

Kidane Mikael

Reconnecting at Mohonk

Samantha Ruane

Winter Memories

David Smiley

The Smiley Family Legacy

Stephen Bauman