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Spring is an excellent time to focus on detoxification while cleansing physically and emotionally, making space for new energy and flow.

Choose from our Spring Collection Menu of spa therapies, fitness classes, and mindfulness sessions focused on encouraging detoxification, regeneration, and circulation.

Spring Collection Menu


Our wellness team has formulated specialized spa therapies using a combination of ancient practices and modern technologies to help encourage detoxification, regeneration, and circulation.

Massages Offered at Mohonk Mountain House


Join our expert instructors for a fitness session to stimulate circulation and build strength or immerse yourself in nature on a guided (or self-guided) hike to focus on the breath while you promote detoxifying and rejuvenation.


Looking for an added boost?

Take our Mindful Hike along Eagle Cliff Road, where QR codes placed along the path’s summerhouses offer mini-meditations to keep you attuned to how you and your body are feeling.


Mindfulness is a moment-to-moment opportunity to enhance well-being. Research shows that being fully present in a gentle non-judgmental way while using the breath as the object of meditation promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and bolsters resilience. As mindful breathwork leads to awareness and insight, we can learn to let go of what’s toxic for us and needs to change. Exploring new ways of being present in body and mind is only a breath away.

Mohonk Forest Bathing with Dr. Nina Smiley
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