Renovations at Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House is committed to preserving our century-old building and maintaining a timeless ambiance for our guests. To that end, each year we refurbish areas of the Mountain House. Seventeen guest rooms in the Stone Building section of the Mountain House and several of our meeting rooms were the focus of this year’s project. These newly upgraded rooms are now open and the display board here shows a sample of the design and furnishings selected.

As always, our aim is to have Mohonk Mountain House remain “the same, only better.”

The project has resulted in these important improvements:

  • Complete renovation and redecoration of 17 guest rooms on the 6th floor
  • Replacement of 6th floor hallway carpeting, wall finishes, lighting, and windows
  • Redecorated our Cliff View Room, Rock Reading Room, and Suite 61 meeting spaces
  • Renovated the slate stair spindles and railings