Exploring the Universe with Bob Berman

November 13, 2016

Enjoy the closest, largest full moon in almost half a century with Bob Berman, one of the best-known and most widely-read astronomers in the world. 

Bob is uniquely able to translate complex scientific concepts into language that is understandable to the casual observer, yet meaningful to the most advanced. He is an editor of Astronomy magazine, the astronomy editor of the Old Farmers Almanac, and the author of eight books. His newest is Zoom: How Everything Moves

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Mohonk Mountain House is a National Historic Landmark resort located just 90 miles north of New York City. Overnight rates include breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and cookies, and most activities, including hiking and use of the indoor heated swimming pool and fitness center in our Spa wing.

Supermoon Over Mohonk Events:

Sunday, November 13

3:00 p.m.  The Moon
Astronomer Bob Berman shares the lore, legend, science, and little-known motions of our nearest neighbor in space. By the conclusion of this presentation, you'll be your neighborhood authority on predicting where the Moon will be the next night, what the crescent Moon's "horns" reveal, how it affects us, the newly-discovered super-violence of its birth, and much more.

9:00 p.m.  Supermoon over Mohonk
It's the closest, largest full moon in almost half a century. With the media in full frenzy about "Supermoons" the past few years, this will be the supermoon that tops them all. What will it look like? How will it affect us? Will we all be acting, well, oddly? To find out, astronomer Bob Berman will lead this special event at Mohonk Mountain House with indoor images and outdoor "hands-on" explorations of this biggest moon of all. We'll supply everything, but if you own binoculars, bring them along. And don't forget your coat!

See you there!

For reservations, please call .