A Premier Historic Hotel in New York State

Mohonk Mountain House was opened by Albert Smiley in 1869. He eventually turned the ten-room tavern into the grand Victorian castle resort it is today. This historic New York resort, Mohonk Mountain House, has been host to a variety of distinguished guests, as well as five Presidents of the United States: Chester A. Arthur, Rutherford B. Hayes, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Jefferson Clinton.

More than a hotel proprietor, Albert Smiley’s Quaker beliefs led him to a dedication to the cause of peace, holding annual conferences on International Arbitration at Mohonk Mountain House. These conferences have been credited with making way for The Hague Conference movement. The United Nations of today can trace its roots back to the Hague Conferences.

Today, Mohonk Mountain House remains one of the finest historic hotels in New York State and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Mohonk Mountain House is proud to be a member of Historic Hotels of America.

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