Wine and Spirits Trail

Your curated guide to fabulous Hudson Valley experiences, brought to you by Mohonk Mountain House

Sample the best local wine and spirits − so close to our mountaintop! A visit to one of these wineries or distilleries is a great way to explore the scenic Hudson Valley. For even more local attractions, view our full Hudson Valley Getaway Map! We created it to help our guests make the most of the region while staying at Mohonk Mountain House.

Featured on the trail in order of distance from Mohonk Mountain House: Wineries: Robibero Winery, Adair Vineyards, Whitecliff Vineyard, Baldwin Vineyards, Brimstone Hill Vineyard, Glorie Farm Winery. Distilleries: Tuthillton Spirits, Hudson Valley Distillers, American Fruits Distillery at Warwick Valley Winery, Harvest Spirits, Delaware Phoenix Distillery. Please be sure to call each location for hours of operation. Some locations may have entrance fees and/or require advance reservations.

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Hudson Valley Wineries

Robibero Winery

In 2007, Harry, Carole, and the Robibero family decided to follow their passion and pursue their dream of opening a winery. As a small boutique winery, their main goal is to produce premium artisan wines that are unique to the Hudson Valley region. All of their wines are hand-crafted in small lots to express unique vintages. They offer a tasting room, wine cellar, and 42-acres of lush vineyards.

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Adair Vineyards

Adair Vineyards is located in the historic Hudson Valley where the beauty of the land is legend. This winery is housed in a barn, over 200 years old, and has a stream running by with the Shawangunk Mountains in the background. In order to maintain the highest quality, Adair wines are created with estate-grown grapes and then supplemented with additional varieties grown at a local farm. They currently produce more than 20,000 bottles annually.

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Whitecliff Vineyard

Whitecliff is an artisanal, family-run winery created from the ground up by current owners and founders, Michael Migliore and Yancey Stanforth-Migliore. Whitecliff is currently one of the largest vineyards in the Hudson Valley, with over 20 varieties of grapes planted in a continuing effort to refine their growing and winemaking. Visit their tasting room to enjoy the results of their quest to produce wines that are high quality, food-friendly, and  a good value, in New York's Hudson Valley.

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Baldwin Vineyards

Located 85 miles northwest of New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley River region, Baldwin Vineyards is situated on a 35-acre vineyard with a pasture like setting, complete with a stone home built by the Hardenburghs in 1786. Proprietors, Patricia and Jack Baldwin, planted the first vineyard in 1982 and a second vineyard in 1983.  By 1985, both were working full time to create a micro winery which offers a wide array of different styles of wine for the discerning palate. A variety of 15 different wines await!

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Brimstone Hill Vineyard

Welcome to Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery!  Located in the beautiful historic Hudson Valley region, this winery grows and produces elegant Hudson River region wines. Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery's award winning wines have been pleasing the palatable senses of this region for over 29 years! Their cozy tasting room is open year-round! Begin your visit walking through rows of tall slender vines, where each season teaches us to understand some aspect about the wine grape. Inside, patrons are able to taste a variety of wines ranging from dry chilled whites, to toasty reds and sumptuous semi-sweet whites.

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Glorie Farm Winery

Residing in a 1913 barn near the top of Mt. Zion Mountain in Marlboro, New York, Glorie Farm Winery was conceived as a love affair between agriculture and wine. Established in 2004, this small, family winery seemed a natural extension to Glorie Farms. As a boutique-style winery, over 1,200 carefully crafted cases of wine are produced each year. They grow more than a dozen varieties of grapes, and 90-95% of what’s in Glorie wine bottles was grown on Glorie Farms. Enjoy their comfortable tasting room which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Hudson Valley, beautiful in any season.

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Hudson Valley Distilleries

Tuthilltown Spirits

For 220 years Tuthilltown Gristmill, a landmark which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, used waterpower to render local grains to flour. In 2003, Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee created Tuthilltown Spirits LLC, converting one of the mill granaries to a micro-distillery. Two and a half years later, Tuthilltown Spirits produced their first batches of vodka from scraps they collected at a local apple slicing plant.

Today, Tuthilltown Spirits distills Indigenous Vodka from apples grown at orchards less than five miles away and the highly awarded Hudson Whiskey line, using grain harvested by farmers less than ten miles away.   The Visitor Center offers guests the opportunity to taste the collection of whiskeys, vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and other unique, handmade spirits.  Tours illustrate how Tuthilltown’s spirits are made by hand, one batch at a time.  Guests are encouraged to stay for the day and enjoy the family-friendly environment. The onsite restaurant, Tuthill House at the Mill, serves Seasonal, New American cuisine and spectacular cocktails in the historic 1788 gristmill. The menu is inspired by  modern American cooking, showcasing fresh, local artisan products and ingredients of the Hudson Valley.

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Hudson Valley Distillers

Thomas Yozzo and Chris Moyer had a vision is to make unique, high quality spirits, by hand, from thoughtfully selected local ingredients. That vision was realized in April 2014, when they opened a distillery in a renovated barn. Since then, they opened the Cocktail Grove complete with a covered patio. Their current lineup includes Vodka, Applejack, and “Fine Shine”, all made from local apples.  They also have a gin made from New York grapes, and two whiskeys, one made from a locally produced beer and the other from local rye.  In the Cocktail Grove, they showcase the versatility of their spirits with fine cocktails and local light fare. More than just a distillery, they offer a space where you can relax on the patio or lawn, enjoy a cocktail and a tasting, or learn about the spirits production process.  Bring your kids, bring your dogs, they are family and pet friendly. 

(518) 537-6820 •  Directions

American Fruits Distillery at Warwick Valley Winery

American Fruits Distillery is the Hudson Valley’s first licensed fruit distillery since Prohibition. As part of the Warwick Valley Winery, they are currently producing apple and pear brandies (eaux de vies) and a line of all natural fruit liqueurs: Black Currant Cordial, Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Liqueur, Grappa Grape Brandy, and Sour Cherry Cordial. The distillery also produces a line of exceptional fruit brandies and liqueurs under the brand name American Fruits™. The American Fruits™ line of distilled spirits captures the true essence of the fruit and is reminiscent of the finest French and German fruit brandies. Warwick Valley also creates the Doc’s Draft line of hard apple, pear, and raspberry ciders.

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Harvest Spirits

Located on a family apple farm in the scenic Hudson Valley, Harvest Spirits benefits by having all ingredients grown steps from their doorstep, creating a true estate-bottled vodka. The small distillery is a modern work of art. Though it can only distill 100 gallons at a time, it is flexible and precise enough to create some of the country’s very best vodka. Harvest Spirits focuses primarily on vodka, but their distilling equipment can produce virtually any kind of liquor, from gin and whiskey to exotics like cachada, agave spirits, and medicinal bitters. Head in for a tour and taste some of their latest creations. 

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Delaware Phoenix Distillery

This little distillery in Walton, New York makes handcrafted absinthes in small copper alembics. Located along the Delaware River in the Western Catskills, it evokes images of moonshine made along the banks of country streams in days gone past. These absinthes use the finest herbs from the U.S., Italy, and Spain. The wormwood is hand harvested at the peak of perfection by family herbalists in Virginia and New York. Delaware Phoenix distills whiskey as well.

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